Terminology Management Made Easy

The Terminology Database – Little Effort for a Huge Impact

TermCloud and Its Benefits

Gemino TermCloud is a web-based, browser-supported terminology database and service for international and/or multilingual companies. The software is a proprietary development and not for sale. It is part of the language services and solutions Gemino offers its clients.

With TermCloud, all employees can look up specialist terms and binding corporate terminology directly in their browser – hassle-free, and in all languages relevant to your business. No training. No installation. No maintenance.

The system does not require any investments on your part, and you will not incur any personnel or further training costs. It can be used without any dependencies, and you can choose to expand it at any time. You can choose between TermCloud Lookup (the starter package – free of charge for our existing customers) and TermCloud Workflow (the expanded package including terminology maintenance with individual monthly fee).

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TermCloud Features

TermCloud Lookup lets you trial a terminology database in your company at no additional cost and without any long-term commitments. Once you decide whether additional TermCloud services would be beneficial for your organisation, you can simply order the expanded package at a low monthly fee: TermCloud Workflow with approval workflow and term changes on your side.


It’s Easy to Access. It’s Easy to Use. It Just Makes Sense.

  • Terminology research and management made simple 
  • No expensive training required 
  • No installation or hardware required 
  • Designed for staff without any previous experience in terminology management 
  • Low usage threshold due to integration in your company intranet, login-free use, etc. 
  • No ties to one particular system – you can migrate your data to other systems at any time
  • A lot can be achieved with as little as one hour of terminology work per week/language 
  • “Basic View” – showing only the most important details – the view for everyone in the company 
  • “Expert View” – the view for terminologists, translators and editors
  • Synchronization of the existing terminology databases with systems such as memoQ-Server/QTerm or MultiTerm

The TermCloud Packages

TermCloud Lookup – the Starter Package

Available to our existing clients free of charge for the entire duration of our collaboration.

Included in the Package:

  • Initial transfer of your terminology lists into the system
  • Browser-based lookup-access for all employees from desktop and mobile devices
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • If applicable, termbase expansion with new entries from the translations carried out by us
  • Data can be exported in an open exchange format at any time


TermCloud Workflow – the Expanded Package

The small solution with a big impact on your terminology management. With lookup. With workflow. With professional terminology management service. All at an individual monthly service fee, without any initial investment and without any in-house personnel or infrastructure charges. TermCloud Workflow has all features of TermCloud Lookup.

In Addition, It Includes the Following:

  • Customized, efficient approval workflow for new terminology
  • Various roles for the involved members of staff
  • Mastering/maintenance of your termbase by our terminologists
  • Extraction and recording of new terminology at the start of each translation project
  • Quarterly quality checks for your termbase
  • System customization with your logo and your corporate colors – on request even without Gemino branding
  • Your own subdomain “YourCompany.termcloud.net”

Why Is Terminology Management Necessary?

Actively Applied Corporate Language Is More than a Competitive Advantage

How do I spell that again? What’s the right specialist term here? And how do I say this in another language? Anyone involved in an organization’s communications, products and services should use the same specialist terminology. After all, consistently applied corporate language has many benefits:

  • •It makes communicating with other departments and suppliers easier.
  • •Translations can be prepared faster and cheaper.
  • •Clearly defined terminology has been found to boost customer loyalty.
  • •Actively applied corporate language strengthens your brand.

Improper language often leads to misunderstandings and may cause errors. Using clear, product-related language is a must, not least for legal reasons (product liability law). The consistent use of a terminology database such as Gemino TermCloud significantly reduces this risk.


Technology Helps

Systematic terminology management that is continually applied throughout the company can be a powerful tool to guarantee consistently high quality across all relevant languages. All employees involved in corporate communications should have easy access to the defined terminology. Achieving this requires personnel resources and a corresponding technical infrastructure.

Many major companies have a great need for multilingual (technical) documentation. For them, terminology management by means of a termbase is a sensible, worthwhile investment. It also makes economic sense, as the costs are non-recurring and scalable. Terminological uncertainties can lead to misunderstandings time and time again, and thus lead to unpredictable, in some cases expensive mistakes.

Terminology Work:

  • makes communicating with other departments and suppliers easier
  • means translations can be prepared faster and cheaper
  • ensures clearly defined terminology, which has been found to boost customer loyalty
  • leads to actively applied corporate language to strengthen the brand

Is Terminology Management Expensive?

Most systems on the market are powerful, but also expensive, difficult to implement and complex to use.

Not only are they expensive to buy and maintain, but one needs to invest in training all future users, too. Costs for full-time in-house terminologists/linguists who continually manage the terminology for all relevant languages in the system also need to be factored in.


Many companies shy away from introducing such a system, especially because it is often difficult to carry out preliminary profitability analyses.

We Make Getting Started Easy for You. And Not Only That.

Experience has shown that a small investment can already reap the benefits of a major terminology management program. Very often, a mere 20 % of the expenditure leads to approximately 80 % of the desired results.

It would be ideal to introduce terminology management to your company in small steps, with low costs for both start-up and operation, and to have the option to use the database with one of the major systems at a later stage.

Gemino TermCloud allows you to do so. Our language services include the use of our terminology management system, which can also be expanded to suit your individual requirements. Our system is open, allowing you to easily switch or link it to major systems by other providers.

Languages Are Growing

The increasing degree of specialization in many corporate divisions has a huge effect on the language used in the company. Ever more differentiated specialist terminologies emerge and are applied in complex product development processes. A large number of users must be familiar with this language diversity in order to ensure clear communication. This is a must, not least because of product liability law.


Communication Is Growing

Terminology work helps companies to meet these requirements. It creates the foundation for unambiguous communication between the different corporate divisions, such as Research & Development, Production and Marketing, and between the company and its suppliers. Not least, consistently applied correct terminology also fosters communication between companies, in the markets and with end customers.


Terminology Management Is Worth It

Profitability analyses are sure to show that these efforts are justified from an economic point of view, as the associated costs are non-recurring and scalable. Terminological uncertainties, on the other hand, can lead to misunderstandings time and time again, and thus lead to unpredictable, in some cases expensive mistakes.